25.05.21 - Architecture

La Co(o)rniche, in harmony with the nature all year round





La Co(o)rniche. A fisherman's cabin that has always existed, placed on the Dune which overlooks the Bassin d’Arcachon and in which Philippe Starck has imagined a warm and elegant restaurant, where to meet - summer and winter - with your loved one, your family and your friends.


To celebrate the tenth anniversary of La Co(o)rniche, the restaurant is getting a makeover. This is not a transformation, or even an invention, but simply an evolution of this magical place that has become an icon and to which everyone is very attached.


It is still the same Co(o)rniche, still clean and refined, still simple and caring but more comfortable and sophisticated. It is still a cabin on the dune in front of the sea, and which exists above all thanks to the soul of the people who live here, that of the Techouyeres family.” Ph.S


La Co(o)rniche lives to the rhythm of the Bassin and its seasons, in symbiosis with Nature in its strongest, most pleasant and also hardest.

In the restaurant, redesigned to experience this powerful Nature throughout the year, Philippe Starck has created a warm, more intimate atmosphere that invites inside woods, natural leathers and elegant fabrics. Columns with bright yellow ceramics light up the room. The walls and floors - once in wood painted white - are now adorned with Red Cedar, a warm tones wood that is also found in all new furniture. Some sturdy chairs and armchairs with a seat made of resistant horsehair, such as the remains of the old fisherman's cabin, contrast with the collections of precious and delicate objects and souvenirs placed here and there following the returns of travel, the arrivals and occasional visits. On the ceiling, a fresco by the artist Ara Starck, like rediscovered modern cave art, continues the narration of the extraordinary history of the place by revealing a phantasmagorical marine universe. “These canvases are an echo of the magical vibration emitted by La Co(o)rniche. A resonance of the natural power of the outlook from the top of the dune. An evocation of the relationship that exists with nature in a place where the scales and dimensions are extraordinary and exceptional.” Ara Starck



"La Co(o)rniche is a wonder, an astonishment and the certainty, for someone like me who has traveled a lot, that it is the most beautiful place in the world. It is unique and it is forever.” Ph.S

photo credit : Nicolas Anetson

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