15.04.19 - Design

Ipanema with Starck collection 2019 (Ipanema)

Brazilian footwear brand Ipanema launches the latest and much-anticipated sandal collection in collaboration with renowned creator Philippe Starck. Available in store worldwide from March 2019, the latest Ipanema with Starck collection combines comfort and elegance with six different models featuring minimalist and timeless designs. 

“For 2019, it’s all about color. 

Everything is color, everywhere. 

Colors come from the light, which is everything because nothing exists outside of the light. 

For this collection, the colors are elegant, modern and a hint flashy with certain models including a touch of neon coloring. The collection includes the now iconic forms, like the Hoops sandals and is made using 100% recyclable materials with a bionic approach, allowing the sandals to become part of the body.” Philippe Starck

Launched in 2015, the collaboration between Ipanema and Philippe Starck is focused on sustainability, freedom of choice and timeless elegance. Since the beginning, Ipanema has been adapting its industrial process to achieve Starck’s designs. Created using a more manual and artisanal process, the Ipanema with Starck sandals are the perfect balance between industrial production and artisanal savoir-faire and are now made with 100% recyclable materials.

The collection will be available from April 2019 in select stores worldwide, prices starting at $45 /40€.

Discover the collection and points of sale at www.ipanemawithstarck.com.

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