14.03.16 - Design


For over 40 years, perpetual innovation has been one of the fundamental principles of Philippe Starck’s philosophy. 

If each new collection is an opportunity to introduce new concepts and technologies, it is also a chance to make the previous innovations evolve and progress, year after year. With the introduction of GRAVITY in 2010, Starck Eyes was the first brand to introduce high-tech polymers in the eyewear industry.

The Summer 2016 collection proudly introduces GRAVITY EVO®, a new generation marking a step towards resistance and performance. Beyond its inherent technical qualities of strength and flexibility, while being incredibly lightweight and 100% recyclable, GRAVITY EVO® allows a unique and previously unseen richness of colors.

The new SH2014 is another example of this continuous quest. This frame introduces an unseen level of technology: instead of using carbon fiber as a simple sheet, Starck Eyes proposes an exclusive 3-dimensional conception, dedicated to the utmost perceived quality, performance and comfort, while still maintaining a subtle elegance. 

At the foundation of Starck Eyes is Bionism, the intersection of technology and humanity, a concept of taking inspiration from the organic to create technologies better suited to the human being. At the heart of the product remains the exclusive, patented Biolink technology featured on every frame. Biolink® is a biomechanical articulation that is inspired by the human micro-clavicle. Just like the shoulder, it shares the same 360° multidirectional freedom of movement.  This unique hinge ensures maximum comfort and flexibility. 

Starck believes that the less material there is the more human the eyewear becomes. Therefore the Summer 2016 collection is a celebration of minimalism and innovation. More than ever, complete harmony is achieved as the eyewear becomes one with the body.

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