01.01.12 - Architecture

Paradis du Fruit, Avenue Georges V Paris

Philippe Starck assured the artistic direction of the Paradis du Fruit flagship in Paris on the avenue Georges V, creating, with noble materials, a completely unique and timeless place.

“The Paradis du Fruit,
It is before anything else fruit and people,
Fruits:  big, small, yellow, orange, red…
Vitamins, minerals.
We cannot be exhaustive with fruits, they are too vast, too good and very good too.
But the people.
Without the people from the Paradis, the fruit would only be fruit.
At the Paradis, with fruits, the people are not even people anymore. They are angels, geniuses, artists
Unique, they search, pick, mix, press, blend, decant, infuse,
With talent, gift and vocation.
Without them, fruit would be less.
These angels are our messengers of the fruits.
Thank you and even more."

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