01.01.90 - Architecture

Asahi Beer Hall, Japan

Philippe Starck imagined the Asahi Beer Hall in Tokyo, Japan in 1990. 

"I had a strange meeting in Tokyo with the Asahi beer president. He asked me, "Can you create a very demonstrative building for my beer company, the Asahi Beer building. We just launched a beer called Asahi Dry and I would it to be the talk of the town." 

At the time, I was interested in so-called symbolic architecture, I endeavored to imagine buildings that expressed symbols directly. So I came up with, between fantasy, reasoning, intuition and obligations, a strange little building where the luminous base, the kind of crystal staircase, is the energy. The kind of black object, like an urn, is the mystery. And that the golden flame, above, is the passion. " Ph.S

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