08.10.21 - Architecture


A unique place for sharing and exchange, Villa M is an immense glass house dedicated to the health of tomorrow in the heart of Paris, imagined by Groupe Pasteur Mutualité, Thierry Lorente and Amanda Lehmann. Intelligent, lively, responsible and caring. Open to all those who make their health and well-being a priority. Villa M is a new philosophy of life where people come to take care of themselves and others, to imagine, create and dream. Villa M includes a hotel, a restaurant, a fitness and boxing gym, a co-working space and a gallery, all under the artistic direction and architectural design of Philippe Starck.

"Contributing to Villa M is an honor and an opportunity for me to finally do what I always want, but couldn't do with design : where design can embellish life, it cannot save it. Here I had the opportunity to work on a machine around life, a vital machine."  Ph.S

More details and booking on : http://www.villa-m.fr

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