09.04.19 - Design


The Smart Wood collection by Starck for Kartell features pieces of furniture that mark a new chapter in the history of the brand, including the regal K/wood armchair, also available with leather- upholstered seat, plus matching S/Wood footrest and the Q/wood and P/wood chairs, which feature unique woodworking that combines timeless elegance with contemporary shapes. 

“Kartell and Smart Wood.

Since always, Kartell has been using human intelligence to transform raw material into magical furniture.

Now, Kartell is using the same talent to transform the slightest bit of wood dust, the smallest film of wood, the humblest wood residue, into furniture.

Elegantly timeless.

The great Ray and Charles Eames proved the modernity of the intelligence of plywood; more than 50 years later, technological progress has allowed us to offer even more with even less.

That’s the Smart Wood collection.” Ph.S

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