19.10.23 -


« The PERRIER bottle is an absolute icon, one that had so far remained untouched, untouchable even. I chose to approach this redesign of this bottle with humility, the kind of humility needed to emphasise emotions. » Ph.S

To mark the 160th anniversary of PERRIER, Philippe Starck has reimagined the iconic green bottle with the new PERRIER + STARCK limited edition. This new version rethinks the silhouette of the emblematic bottle for the first time in its history.

The PERRIER + STARCK bottle becomes a unique and singular creative object, both surprising and elegant. Echoing the Fresnel lens and its diffraction, the horizontal striations cut into the glass create an optical and lighting effect that radiates the formidable source of energy and poetry contained in its bubbles.

More information : https://www.perrier.com

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