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PEAU D'AMOUR explores the most passionate and powerful part of STARCK PARIS. This fragrance reveals the most intimate side of Philippe Starck; an ode to Love in its purest form.


Love is everything. Everything. It is the ultimate thing that gets us worked up, removes all reasoning and all reason. That's why Love is splendid, it has the most beautiful means of transporting us.” Ph.S


With Peau d’Amour, Philippe Starck achieves a lifetime dream to produce total abstraction: Love - the most mysterious and immaterial feeling conveyed by Perfume - the most powerful and dematerialized vehicle to the brain. Peau d’Amour is the ultimate fragrance that transcends us towards infinity.? 

Starck relies once again on master perfumer Dominique Ropion, to help him express his vision of Love. A collaboration that gives birth to Peau d’Amour, the scent of a deep emotion that cannot be described nor understood, the scent of a torrid romance. An addictive, powdery and floral perfume, explosive and deliciously intoxicating, that sweeps everything away.

“It was the day when everything stopped.

Then time began again, to the rhythm of a heartbeat, the sun approached, the air became music, thoughts came together.

The world in harmony. Around You, around Us.

It was the day that I recognized you, it was the day that I disappeared into your skin. It was the day when only love remained.

For You.”


It is the perfume of a woman that claims her femininity and her sexuality. A mental and mysterious woman, elegant and self-confident, whose aura and fragrance hang in the air, enveloping and heady, to be remembered.

This perfume is the recognition of feminine nature at its best, in all its complexity.

For more information: www.starckparfums.com

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