12.10.16 - Design

Peau d'Ailleurs (Starck Paris)

"I wanted a perfume that you can’t remember because it doesn’t exist, that you can’t name because words grow silent when you want to talk about the perfume of a happy memory, the perfume of the shadow, of the cosmic scent of emptiness. The idea was to grasp the ungraspable, to explore abstraction, to make the invisible visible, to make the air vibrate. This unending territory transports us into the total unknown, to that far-off place that sends us back into our unconscious, to pure spirit." Philippe Starck

Peau d’Ailleurs is strange, undefinable and elusive. An exploration into ourselves, through the elsewhere and the unconscious, its perfume is also an escape into the infinite territory of dematerialization, where the scent of the cosmic void comes into contact with that of a Terra Incognita. 

Annick Menardo, among whose many talents is bringing free thought and an analytical spirit to her work, was inspired by a picture of a meteorite that offered an invitation to a long, new voyage: to somewhere close to the unknown, in this void that is everything but nothingness.

For more information and points of sale: www.starckparfums.com

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