18.10.16 - Design

Peau de Soie (Starck Paris)

“I’m a man who is passionate about women, especially my wife; I’m fascinated by their mysteriousness. I also know that I will never understand them, that between men and women beauty exists at the heart of an undefined, paradoxical space where to find each other they have to let go, to give up a little of their femininity or masculinity.” Philippe Starck

Peau de Soie is a paradox, a perfume whose femininity wraps around a man’s heart. A perfume that adheres and reveals the space between, between the surface and the core, where female mystery is evoked. 

Dominique Ropion has mastered the art of blending sometimes extreme scents, with no limits but with precision. Always ready to experiment with unexpected and even novel balances, he has understood the concept of this olfactory work to be a sensual, organic form in which, through the softness of the female skin, the mysterious, subterranean territory of feminine beauty can be sensed.

For more information and points of sale: www.starckparfums.com

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