09.09.16 - News

Philippe Starck unveils the first fragrances collection of Starck Paris.

After Düsseldorf, Philippe Starck revealed on September 15th at L’Eclaireur Paris, the trilogy from his new Haute Parfumerie brand Starck Paris. Three fragrances as a unique experience, a journey to the elsewhere, to the intangible. 
Top, heart, and base notes, « Peau de soie», « Peau de pierre » and « Peau d’ailleurs » are olfactory poems, fruits of Starck’s enigmatic riddles for master perfumers: what is the odor of shadow or of light? What is the smell of attraction, of cosmic void or of the mysterious core of a telluric matter?
Now the answers is in the bottles - also imagined by Starck.
« To wear a perfume is to create one’s own territory » Ph.S.
The Peau collection will be available in September 2016.   
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For more informations www.starckparfums.com 

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