07.05.18 - Design


Station Sport Lib' is a urban sports equipment imagined by Sébastien Chabal (Concept Sport) and designed by Philippe Starck, which promotes free and accessible sport to the everyone.

"I dreamed and imagined of what could be the ideal urban sports structure, Philippe Starck designed it and made this dream a reality: the Station Sport Lib’.” Sébastien Chabal, founder of Concept Sport

This initiative is part of the Heritage Plan 2024 linked to the attribution of the Olympic Games to Paris. It aims to put people in movement, to encourage them to do sports freely by providing an innovative and rewarding sports equipment, accompanied by dedicated and free applications paired with on-site coaching sessions.

Whatever the level of practice and the available time, the Station Sport Lib’ enables everyone to exercise based on their own ambition, and the intensity they want to put in. It is an equipment which goal is to encourage sharing and exchange.

" Stations Sport Lib’ are totally minimalist objects, simply governed by their function and their environment. Surrealist sculptures placed on a sidewalk, in a park or a garden, they attract us and make us want to use them. Beautiful and useful.” Philippe Starck.

For more information : www.conceptsport.fr

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