19.11.21 - Architecture

ORBITE - Astronaut training Complex

“Space is the future. With the Astronaut Training and Spaceflight Gateway Complex, I am honored to be able to give opportunities to step into astronauts’ shoes and prepare for thrilling orbits in space. I am delighted to be collaborating with Orbite on this one-of-a-kind project that is advancing the opportunities for civilization to encounter the wonders of space and celebrate the uniqueness of Earth.” Ph.S

Orbite, the premier space training company for ultimate adventurers, has partnered with Philippe Starck to design its state-of-the-art Astronaut Training and Spaceflight Gateway Complex. The revolutionary facility will reimagine preparation for the human spaceflight experience and provide space explorers with the tools and training needed for their journey. 

Led by Philippe Starck, the Astronaut Training and Spaceflight Gateway Complex’s architectural designs blend functionality and innovation, offering guests both one-of-a-kind accommodations and progressive, practical instruction spaces to prepare guests mentally, physically and spiritually for their off-world adventure.  Additionally, Orbite and Philippe Starck are committed to creating a facility that not only minimizes its impact on the Earth, but also celebrates the marvel, beauty and fragility of the planet.


More informations on : www.orbitespace.com

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