01.01.90 - Design

Max le Chinois (Alessi)

"Max Le Chinois, despite appearances, is a colander. And all the interest of this project is the "despite appearances". My subject, with Max Le Chinois for Alessi, was to ennoble daily actions.
And one of the ugliest things in the kitchen - or the most "nothing" - is the colander. The object that is hidden under the sink. The object not beautiful with which we spend the salad, spaghetti or whatever. I said to myself: "This is really the good example of the object to be ennobled. I made a kind of vase, chalice, ... Merovingian helmet and I put golden feet. It was precisely the alloy of stainless steel, silver and gold that highlighted the paradoxically luxurious side. I wanted everything to serve, to the small holes through which the water passes, which show little smiling faces, to indicate that there is a distance, that it is not done seriously, that it is just an excuse to talk about something else, and even the small holes in the colander are talking to you and telling you something else. "Ph.S

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