01.01.90 - Design

Juicy Salif (ALESSI)

When Alberto Alessi asked Philippe Starck to create a butter dish ...Created in 1988, the lemon squeezer made from aluminum casting is one of PhilippeStarck's first projects for Alessi. Sketched on the paper tablecloth of a restaurant during a tripto Italy, Juicy Salif's biomorphism is striking.

"It was a mathematical exercise of reverse topography, turning concave into convex,first for mental workout and game and then for cleaning purposes." Starck explains. 

The resultis a surprising, poetic and subversive object, which integrates the usual parameters of creationunder a new prism. Juicy Salif is both a lemon squeezer and the trigger for manyconversations.Immense popular and academic success, it is still one of Alessi's best-selling andpublished creations. A structurally new, visionary and timeless object that has become an iconof contemporary design.

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