01.07.19 - Architecture

Ma Cocotte aux Halles, Paris

After Ma Cocotte aux Puces, the elegant nonchalant spirit of Ma Cocotte aux Halles creates a warm and benevolent atmosphere. Wooden parquet flooring covered with trompe l'oeil rugs. A sky of wicker composed of a myriad of “basket” lampshades. An open kitchen where guests can take place and enjoy the view. A high and extravagant table d'hôte to share. The eye wanders, amused, in search of mental games, scattered fertile surprises. It's openly welcoming. Ma Cocotte aux Halles, for an improvised drink, a meal on the run or an afternoon craving. Alone, with a few friends or even the entire office…

"My Cocotte at the marché Paul Bert with its bowl of soup is a refuge in the middle of a crazy and miniature city that is a flea market.

My Cocotte aux Halles will always be a refuge, an island, a kitchen, the same bowl of soup but in the middle of a real city with the other rules of the game.

Run, run, My Cocotte will always protect you.” Philippe Starck

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