21.04.20 - News

INTERVIEW : Philippe Starck talks love

A fundamental pillar of creativity for Philippe Starck, love...

What is your definition of love ? 

Love is fundamental. I have the feeling that the idea of love and the act of loving are the receptacles of all the human qualities required. They require both inspiration and intuition, giving and receiving, intelligence and emotion, inconsistency and consequence ... There is everything in love.

What do you love most about yourself ?

My wife is what I love most about myself. We are in complete osmosis, two bodies making one whole. 

How does love impact your work

I am not a business man, I am not even a designer or an architect, I am a sentimental explorer. I deeply believe that to have beautiful children, parents have to love each other.  With that in mind, love impacts my work on a daily basis - there are no beautiful projects without a love story between partners and it’s something I have been able to verify throughout my entire life.

What qualities do you love most in others? 

I admire vision, intelligence, honesty and the ability to love. 

What smell do you love the most?

Sweat. Because it’s so human, it’s so beautiful. Sweat. No doubt.


What is the color you love the most?

I prefer the light rather than colors, because without light there are no colors. Not even darkness.


Where is the place you love the most? 

My haven of peace in the world is the place where I am with the person I love. The actual place, the material, the form do not matter, only love exists. 

What talent would you love to have? 

Music. I would love to be able to compose music. Either compose music or be a mathematician. Because it’s pure spirit. The end goal of humanity is to become pure spirit and for me, music compositors and mathematicians are the closest we can get.

Which person, living or dead, do you admire the most? 

The people I love the most are scientists. I have no admiration for designers, architects or artists. My heroes are Ptolemy, Einstein, Archimedes, etc. They are amongst the ones who change the world.

What is the life lesson you love the most?

Do what you want, don’t listen to anybody. Simply explore within yourself what is required. Why do you create ? What is your legitimacy to exist ? In what way are you going to be useful ? Do not listen to anybody, only believe in yourself.


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