01.12.10 - News

The Freebox Revolution V6 Launch

Free unveiled its new ‘Freebox Revolution’ designed by Philippe Starck. The innovation consists of both the Freebox Player and Server. The ‘ FreeBox Revolution’ weaves its web in the digital home by offering a NAS drive, a Blu-Ray, a game pad and even a Freestore to download games and applications.

"This is the first time I make a box for the house. A box that produces ideas, information, and exchanges. It was therefore essential that the box itself be about words that are also producers of fertile surprises, visions, transgression, of all humanity and richness of life. It is revolutionary because we can do anything and everything with it. We end up realizing that boxes such as the Free do not have limitations, only those set by ourselves. Only our imagination stops the limit of what can be done with it. That is why it is revolutionary. Without limit there is no control. Power to the people is now available thanks to Free. Its name does it justice." Ph.S

Please click here to watch the video.

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