08.01.16 - Design


« Bionism, is inspiring oneself of organic in order to create technologies suitable to human. » Ph.S

Philippe Starck, enthusiastic advocate of dematerialization, believes that the positive side of human production always tends towards less: the less material there is the more human it becomes. With the ultimate goal of complete harmony with the body, the eyewear collection perfectly illustrates Starck’s philosophy.  The brand revolves around Bionism, the idea of taking inspiration from the organic to create technologies better suited to the human being, fused with Low Design, the concept of less material, pure lines, minimalism, and sustainability. 

At the heart of the collection is the innovative, patented Biolink technology featured on every frame. Biolink® is a biomechanical articulation that is inspired by the human micro-clavicle. Just like the shoulder, it shares the same 360° multidirectional freedom of movement.  This unique hinge ensures maximum comfort and flexibility.

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