01.01.13 - Architecture

IDAM, Doha

IDAM, opened in 2013, is a haute cuisine restaurant signed by Alain Ducasse and designed by Philippe Starck. The restaurant is located on the top floor of the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, celebrating an iconic landmark in Qatar in an environment that seamlessly blends local tradition with modernity. 


Philippe Starck imagined a unique design concept for IDAM, emphasizing the importance of life and creating a venue that takes guests on a journey of discovery. His vision: to bring life through the ceremony of eating with family and friends and create a sophisticated cocktail of culture and life.


Starck took special care to create a spectacular, elegant interior that maintains a balance between modernity and classicism, delivering a dynamic environment with Arabian touches. 


“For me, architecture is not made of stone, glass and steel. It is the movie of our lives,” he explains. “I feel more like a movie director, creating emotions for the guests who become actors.” The scenario that Starck has created at IDAM lifts people out of the everyday into an imaginative world enchanted with ancient tales.

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