13.01.19 - Architecture

Basil's Bar, Mustique Island

Set on the paradise island of Mustique,Basils Bar is unique in its genre. Steeped in history and surrounded by intrigue and the natural beauty of dramatic hilltops and pristine palm fringed beaches, Basils Bar has attracted visitors for generations. After over two years of meticulous restoration, Basils Bar has reopened its doors. 

During 2 years, Starckoversaw the entire re-build and overhaul of this unique space, all the while with a  true respect and appreciation for Basils Bar. Starck endeavored to preserve the natural DNA of Basils while reawakening the legend to create a new, sophisticated and rooted space. 

"Basils Bar is not just a bar, it is a unique place, full of history and heritage. A place of community and  shared memories, with its own, genuine soul. Renewed and relaxing, with a simple elegance and its own romanticism, the rebirth of Basils Bar creates a new continuity in a life-long story. Like a long lost friend with whom you feel an immediate connection. Perfect for enjoying endless conversations in front of the new open kitchen or in one of the many hide-away corners. An original institution, a destination, full of life. It is a true honor for me to have been able to play my part in this legend." Ph.S

For more informations :https://www.mustique-island.com

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