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L’Econome by Starck, Degrenne – Tableware and Glassware collections

2nd October 2019, Paris - in its quest to reinvent tableware, Degrenne has once again partnered with Philippe Starck to create an innovative and practical range of crockery and glassware. This new collection with its clean design is the continuation of an inevitable collaboration founded in 2017 with the creation of L’Econome by Starck and the complete range of cooking utensils and cutlery.


L’Econome by Starck – Crockery


L’Econome by Starck crockery successfully combines today’s increasing appetite for healthy and conscious eating with our memories of a time when waste was not an option and long-simmered dishes revealed their full flavor the following day.


The collection was designed to make everyday meals easier. Stackable and versatile, this bowl and plate-cover set is like a “dynamic duo” that goes from fridge to oven, from oven to table and from table to fridge. Both convenient and elegant, this innovative concept offers a multitude of usages, truly saving work, time and space.


"My grandmother was a formidable cook. For a reason we never quite understood, she never served the dishes she prepared on the same day. 

When it was time to sit down at the table, she would appear from the pantry with various beautiful bowls, always covered with a plate, to keep the bees and any greedy hands away she would say.

In front of us, she would remove the improvised lid to reveal the most irresistible colors and scents. At the end of the meal, she would place the plate carefully on top of the bowl and put everything back into the treasure trove pantry.

My grandmother was always a step ahead.

With Degrenne, I’m bringing it back up to date."



L’Econome by Starck – Glassware


To complete the table, Degrenne and Starck have extended the Econome experience by envisioning a collection of glasses whose simple lines reveal a deep insight of practicality. 


With its timeless minimalist design, L’Econome by Starck Glassware reveals elegance through its every expression. Whether tumbler, wine glass or champagne flute, the glassesdisplay pure and essential lines tending to the archetype. The insulating double layer keeping the liquid at the ideal temperature.


Available in Degrenne stores as of 2nd October 2019, for more information : www.degrenne.fr

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