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In 2019 the collaboration between Philippe Starck & Luxottica takes shape with another step towards the future with the latest collection of eyewear. Starck Biotech Paris (previously Starck Eyes) merges more than ever design with biomechanics, placing Bionisme at its core: taking inspiration from the organic to innovate, in favor of humanity. Each pair of glasses is created using Biolink® technology, a screwless hinge designed based on the human collarbone, delivering greater comfort and flexibility. Starck Biotech Paris is the intersection of technology and the designer’s essence, his philosophy… paired with a sophisticated Parisian attitude.

The 2019 Starck Biotech Paris collection reflects the efficient character of Philippe Starck, showing outstanding quality, comfort and fit. The best choice for those seeking a unique frame with exclusive features: proven to be the successful result of research on technology & innovation.

“Each of the styles of the collection constitutes an elegant extension of the individual.
Even disappearing from our perceptive field and merging completely with the body in harmony.
The collection is about richness of colors and purity of lines combined with subtle contrasts.
Starck Biotech Paris is not a revolution, it is the right evolution.” 
Philippe Starck

Discover the collection and points of sale at www.luxottica.com

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