17.12.21 - Architecture





  • Volage EX-S Night – collection: bed, sofa, bedside table and chest of drawers - Cassina - Complete and timeless collection for the bedroom.
  • Adela Rex – armchair - Andreu World - Made entirely of plywood, the armchair is part of the 100% pure wood project. 
  • Solo – chair - Andreu World - A precise construction system, where the joints between the pieces are continuous and curved.
  • Forest - sofa and armchair - Andreu World - A collection of modular plywood seating with a traditional furniture-making technique of wedge assembly.
  • Eleganza - Nia and Ela chairs - Kartell - Its seat embodies the union of the world of Haute Couture and an elegant project with discreet charm.
  • Pieces of Styles - wooden panels - Bottega Ghianda - they revisit the tradition of 17th and 18th-century French woodwork through modular solid wood panels with decorative inlays
  • Serengeti - outdoor furniture collection - Janus et Cie - An outdoor dining and living room collection inspired by nature and the spectacular African savannah.
  • Smartwood – collection: viscount of wood (tables), Q/Wood (chair), P/Wood (chair), Earl of Wood (desk), AL Wood, Adam Wood - Kartell - A collection embodying the lightness durability of wood.
  • Goodnight - lamp - Kartell - Revisits the concept of the candle by transforming it into a highly technological object  
  • Joe Tzar - chandelier - Kartell - A nod to the elegance of 18th-century palaces with a touch of novelty and modernity.
  • Angelo Stone - lamp - Kartell - Pure technology takes shape, a mysterious light illuminates the lampshade by means of a LED positioned on the base.
  • Harcourt Hic! - lamp - Baccarat - The Harcourt icon is transformed into a luminary with the Hic! suspension.
  • Starck Biotech Paris Titanium collection – eyewear - Luxottica - The collection combines the two joints BIOLINK® and SPHERE®, with a high-tech material: titanium.
  • Starck Biotech Paris Forged Carbon – eyewear - Luxottica - The collection combines the two articulations BIOLINK® and SPHERE® with carbon fiber models and bio-acetate frames.
  • White Tulip – bathroom accessories collection - Duravit - The delicate aesthetics of the collection's elements are inspired by the organic silhouette of a flowering tulip, giving it a sculptural and loving character.
  • Welcome - doors - Lualdi – Intelligent doors with its series of accessories designed specifically for the hotel industry.
  • A.I Recycled - stools with armrests - Kartell - Stool made of recycled materials by artificial intelligence.
  • New visual identity for the SNSM fleet – SNSM – A more visible identity at sea to reinforce a strong and recognizable image of the association.
  • Gun Lamp - lighting collection (new colors and finishes) – Flos – A collection designed as an open condemnation of war and violence.
  • In Vitro Unplugged - outdoor lighting collection - Flos - Architectural and dematerialized outdoor lighting fixture for ground installation.
  • Juicy Salif N.3 - Multiple juicer in cast bronze, special limited edition - Alessi - Product in cast bronze, numbered edition of 999 pieces.
  • Juicy Salif XXL - in polyethylene, special limited edition - Alessi - Juicy Salif become XXL - literally: 187 cm (6'2").
  • Dream of Winter Gondola for Venice - VeniSIA - An imaginary gondola project for Venice.


  • Villa M - Paris, France - hotel – A space dedicated to the health of tomorrow.
  • LA Almazara - Ronda, Espagne – The first mill and museum dedicated to olive oil production.
  • Lily Of the Valley - La Croix-Valmer, France – La Brigantine et Pépé restaurant -  A paradise on earth, a haven of well-being where man and nature are in harmony.
  • La Co(o)rniche - Pyla-sur-Mer, France – restaurant – Restaurant designed as a fisherman's hut on a dune.
  • Mori Venice Bar - Paris, France – restaurant - the Venetian way of life reigns supreme, in a baroque and chic setting.
  • Amor in Farm - Roncade, Italy - restaurant - new fast food concept on the H-FARM campus.



  • The Grand Tourist - Podcast - In conversation with Dan Rubinstein - Philippe Starck answered Dan Rubinstein's questions for the Grand Tourist.


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