12.10.16 - Design

Peau de Pierre (Starck Paris)

"The idea was to create a masculine counterpoint to Peau de Soie. What would a man who just wanted to be that, a man be? I am a man proud to affirm his femininity, because it is to her that I attribute my main qualities. I wanted a perfume for men that reveals this femininity, this area of ??darkness where everything is mixed, without anything getting lost." Philippe Starck

Peau de Pierre is a masculine fragrance that reveals a man’s feminine side. It is the membrane, the symbol of that permanent ambiguity that filters our differences and personality. 

Daphne Bugey has never sacrificed her instinct in the mastery of her art ... Curious, imaginative and sensitive, her personality predisposes her to undertake this search not defined by a specific objective, when she thought of the fascinating beauty of a black hole, dense, attractive and enigmatic, when the idea of ??reconciling the opposite poles was imposed: light and shadow, masculine and feminine.

For more information and points of sale: www.starckparfums.com

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