15.01.20 - Design

Oh, it rains! (B&B Italia)

"Is it raining? It’s not raining? Oh, it rains!"


The Oh, it rains! collection is composed of a sofa and an armchair whose design derives its extreme elegance from its iconoclastic functionality and is perfectly suited to all environments, private and public.

Oh, it rains! is an innovation. 

The collection is not about style or trends, it protects from the rain.
It is high-technology at the service of high quality, high intelligence and extreme comfort. 
It’s very B&B.”


The most distinctive characteristic of Oh, it rains! is its generous backrest, which naturally creates an intimate and protective space. Beyond the elegance of the lines and the comfort of the many optional cushions, the large backrest has unique ergonomics. After several years of work, the B&B Italia Research & Development Center and Philippe Starck have developed a unique mechanical articulation allowing to combine form and function. In a single movement, in the event of rain, the backrest can be quickly and efficiently folded over, thus protecting everything from the elements.


The colors and materials used offer natural tones, from beige to warm brown, and materials in double water-repellent fabrics inspired by the raffia, making each piece completely waterproof. Oh, it rains! can be completely dismantled and all of the elements are recyclable.

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