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Wallpaper* Design Awards 2020: "Best Cover Up" for Oh, it rains! by Philippe Starck for B&B Italia

Every year, Wallpaper* magazine publishes the Design Awards issue, celebrating the idea of design for life – awarding beautiful, life-enhancing pieces that stand the test of time. The award winners are selected by a panel of judges as well as Wallpaper* and their family of contributors and curators from around the world. 

For the 2020 edition, Philippe Starck’s first collection for B&B Italia - Oh, it rains! has been awarded “Best Cover Up” for its “ingenious response to unpredictable weather”. The outdoor collection, due to launch in stores in March 2020 is composed of a sofa and an armchair whose design derives its extreme elegance from its iconoclastic functionality and is perfectly suited to all environments, private and public. 

“Oh, it rains! is an innovation. 
The collection does not follow a style or a fashion, it protects from the rain.
It’s high-technology at the service of high quality, high intelligence and extreme comfort. 
It’s very B&B.”


Form and function come together with Oh, it rains! in a single movement when, in the event of rain, the backrest can be quickly and efficiently folded over, thus protecting everything from the elements. Each piece from the collection can be dismantled completely to ensure correct recycling at the end of its life cycle. 


Perfectly adapted to its environment Oh, it rains! combines timeless elegance and protective comfort with an innovative design.

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