16.11.22 - dematerialization


“20 years ago, I created an allegory, a metaphor on dematerialization through invisibility. It is good to have friends who speak a lot, it is also good to have friends who speak less. The best is to have the choice. Louis Ghost is your friend, it always serves you but you can decide to see it or not.” Ph.S

Over the past two decades, Louis Ghost has become an iconic object. Created by Philippe Starck, edited by Kartell in injection molded polycarbonate, this armchair in ultra-resistant transparent plastic extends the principle of dematerialization and invisibility undertaken with La Marie chair, to which Starck adds an additional dimension here, that of collective memory.

“Louis Ghost armchair designed itself, crafted by our occidental collective subconscious. Both visible and invisible, real and immaterial, elegant and intelligent. As a natural result of our past, our present and our future, Louis Ghost continues its evolution in Kartell patented Polycarbonate 2.0. Always the good design, the highest technology and the minimum of sustainable material, at the right price. Louis Ghost is democratic design 2.0.” Ph.S

Kartell just celebrated the 20 years of the iconic armchair at the Scala in Milan, with a unique representation of an extract of Marie-Antoinette, a ballet created in 2010 and which included Louis Ghost in its choreography.

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