02.06.22 - Design


“Light is the invisible sum of all colors. Unfortunately, we cannot see them. Bon Jour Versailles dichroic reveals them to us, shimmering, one by one revealed in their splendid mystery.” Ph.S  

Born of a collaboration between Baccarat, Flos and Philippe Starck in 2015, the Bon Jour Versailles lamp resolves the paradox between industrial precision and craftsmanship, between aristocracy and democracy, between science and poetry. In a new dichroic version, the lamp reveals itself in multiple facets and offers intriguing optical effects. Flooded with light, it changes color depending on the angle of view and the illumination. Crowned with a chrome top, this creation incorporates a unique and innovative Edge Lighting LED technology, developed by Flos. This revolutionary system, combined with an elegant lampshade, allows the diffusion of an organic and warm light which reveals the spaces thanks to the play of infinite reflections.

More information on: www.baccarat.fr

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