07.06.18 - News


Philippe Starck and Forbo Flooring Systems present FLOTEX BY STARCK, an intelligent collection of floor covering systems.

Using a high definition digital printing technique with breveted Flotex flocked flooring, Starck’s collection for Forbo Flooring features 3 revolutionary patterns: Vortex, Artist and Twilight.

Playing on scales and transitions, each of the systems defies habits and traditions by creating a new language, a new perception of space and floor covering.

This flexibility opens the field of possibilities to inventive designs and stands as an ally for the most original projects, especially for hotel and leisure spaces.

As Starck says “nothing replaces the painters hand” but with Forbo’s unique digital printing technique and thanks to the highly technological qualities of Flotex flooring, the creator’s vision can now be transferred on the floors.

The richness of the motifs designed by Philippe Starck complements the technical benefits of Flotex's unique composition: a velvet composed of 80 million fibers of polyamide 6.6 per m2implanted by electrostatic flocking in a PVC backing. It is 100% waterproof, 100% rot-proof, and easily washable with water. Flotex brings together the performance of a PVC and a textile, with excellent dimensional stability, for high-traffic use, acoustic efficiency up to 21 dB, walking comfort, reduced risk of slipperiness, wear resistance and stains, ease of maintenance.

FLOTEX BY STARCK confirms Forbo's attention to the environment and to everyone's health. Made from 100% renewable original electricity, coverings of this new collection are part of the HQE®approach and comply with the REACH European Regulation.

FLOTEX BY STARCK will be available in September 2018 from Forbo authorized retailers.

For more information on the collection and the points of sale: www.forbo-flooring.com/flotexbystarck

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