01.01.05 - Design

Gun Lamp (FLOS) by Starck

Of the Gun Lamp (Flos 2005), Starck has said it is “a sign of the times”, which violently inscribe death into our daily landscape.  Subversive and political, the iconic lamp also bears the crazy poetry of its creator.

"There is no war without money.
The Gun lamp appears as a provocation but it is not.
It is a symbol.
I imagined the Gun lamp as a Kalashnikov to represent war, I chose gold to represent money, the black lampshade with crosses inside as a reminder of our lost ones.
This lamp is a tribute. To our fathers, our brothers, our sisters...
To all those who perished for our benefit.»

A part of the profit generated by this rare object is donated to the charity “Frères des Hommes”.

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