24.10.16 - News

Starck reinvents Cidade Matarazzo : "a place that instantly makes us plunge in dreams."

October 19th 2016, in Sao Paulo, Philippe Starck - artistic director - presented his creation for Cidade Matarazzo, alongside entrepreneur Alexandre Allard.

Together they invited the audacity and modernity of the 21st century in a historic complex, the former maternity Filomena Matarazzo.

A space imagined by Starck as a bridge between Brazilian fertile creativity and European exceptional craftsmanship: a crossroads between vision, poetry and elegance. Conceived as an ideal city where the deep roots of the country intermingle with the contemporary energy of Sao Paulo, Cidade Matarazzo is the experience of a dream life.

Cidade Matarazzo gave life to São Paulo and then fell asleep. 
Cidade Matarazzo is waking up and will again give life for São Paulo. 
Not the same way. 
The first time it was made of flesh. 
The new one is made of dreams.
Dream, vision, creativity, rigor are the assets of Matarazzo.
The dream is simple; to create an island, to create a
paradise in the middle of the city, which will become the centre of life of the city.

Whoever you are, at any moment of your life, your
dreams will have their own place at the Matarazzo.

Like life.
Forever”. Ph.S

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