25.09.18 - Architecture

Brach, Paris

Cultivated, energetic, atypical, epicurean and esthete, BRACH opened its doors in the heart of the 16th arrondissement of Paris in October 2018.

A timeless address, BRACH is a place of life as much as of passage, an immersive and inspired experience for visitors who are just discovering the French capital as well as a new vision of the neighborhood for residents and Parisians.

This former postal sorting center with a superficy of 7,000 m2 was left free to the visionary imagination of the creator Philippe Starck. At BRACH, the architecture of the 30s meets modernism, Bauhaus, Dada, Surrealism and Art Brut. Everywhere - from the restaurant to the hotel rooms, from the sports club to the rooftop garden - poetic mysteries, unusual objects and a selection of art works create a suprising, warm and eclectic atmosphere.  

"Brach is not a hotel, it is a place of unique life and culture where poetic mysteries and fertile surprises feed the imagination. Sensual and rigorous, minimal and eclectic, there reigns a raw and modernist romanticism warmed by multicultural influences from Africa, Asia and South America. It is an unusual place that invites you to a unique exploration.” Philippe Starck

More information and reservation: www.brachparis.com

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