25.04.23 -


"This is not a shoe. This is a revolution, a Baliston revolution." Ph.S

Innovative footwear brand Baliston® launches BALISTON BY STARCK, its debut collection of tech-augmented, 100% recyclable, extremely comfortable footwear.

Baliston shoes are designed with an embedded proprietary sensor module which analyzes the way the wearer moves to provide personalized insights and recommendations that increase understanding of their body to reduce fatigue, back pain, and injury risk. Additionally, Baliston shoes analyze user’s walking DNA and provide fitted insoles that uplift their extreme comfort to a personalized experience. A one size fits one.

The shoes are made from just five biobased recyclable materials and designed to monitor the deterioration of their own cushioning allowing every shoe produced by the company to be collected at the end of its life and to be 100% recycled.

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