30.04.10 - Architecture

La Alhondiga, Bilbao

One of the iconic architectural components of Bilbao is the emerging heart of the city. La Alhóndiga (1909), which was an ancient wine warehouse designed by Ricardo Bastida, is now transformed into the Alhondiga Bilbao, an open, innovative, and sustainable construction, entirely imagined by Philippe Starck. 

With 43 000 square meters of surface area, split into 3 specific spaces, dedicated to activities that favor the love for knowledge and the awakening of cultural sensibility, the Alhondiga is the new cultural hub of Bilbao, driving positive experiences in different steps of life and contributing to the consolidation of strong values.

Culture, knowledge and pleasure are all united in an innovative and multidisciplinary space – a part of life to share, to learn and most importantly, to appreciate with friends and family.

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