12.09.17 - News

The MIX 2 by Starck, even less for even more or the final approach of the dematerialization paradox

09.11.2017, Beijing - Xiaomi and Philippe Starck unveil the Mi MIX 2, a revolutionary smartphone with a monolithic ceramic shell that guarantees the quality, reliability and durability of this highly technological object. The screen measures 18x9 inches and perpetuates the natural vision of the eye. A smart phone, equipped with a powerful “brain”, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. An object at the peak of dematerialization, in harmony with the world, compatible with all types of networks.
"The Mi MIX 2 looks like an evolution but it's a revolution. In the age of dematerialisation, nothing can be more intelligent and more powerful, and at the same time nothing can be less than the Mi MIX 2. This is the ultimate less. Tomorrow will be less." Ph.S

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