02.06.22 - Design


"In the block of poetry that is Baccarat, the Talleyrand collection reconciliates the force of the mass and the finesse of intelligence, the power of the Middle Ages and the refinement of the Enlightenment.” Ph.S

For 20 years, Philippe Starck has extended to Baccarat his visionary look, twisting the icons of the brand to offer them a new destiny. Crazy about Harcourt, which he revisits with humor and poetry over time, the designer now pays tribute to Talleyrand, another remarkable Baccarat collection. Like the famous diplomat whose genius fascinated so many, the Talleyrand service symbolizes a certain form of modern intelligence. On the edge of a glass with powerful lines, a delicately sculpted rim hugs the contour of the lips and gives lightness to the gesture. Philippe Starck was inspired by this essential detail to imagine a collection of pieces combining heritage and modernity, elegance and ergonomics, strength and poetry. 

More information on: www.baccarat.fr

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