10.09.21 - Design


Breathing new life into the tradition of French boiserie from the 17th and 18th centuries, Philippe Starck’s “Pieces of Styles” features solid wood modular elements, elegantly simple decorative inlay work, and versatility in its strict linearity or curved lines that make it perfect for a range of different interior “styles”. Starck’s modern boiserie is the first creation that welcomes the visitor, ushering them into the memory of the wood, Ghianda’s green-at-heart wood, with its trees, its light, and its colors. 


“Louis XIV and Louis XV had hand-made sculptured panels on their castles’ walls. Today with Bottega Ghianda, we create an elegant and poetic system of wood, accessible and structurally modern, to play and design your own interiors. Pieces of Styles is modern modularity for a highly classic result” Ph.S

More details on: www.bottegaghianda.com

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