12.03.19 - Design

STARCK T, bathroom accessories (DURAVIT)

After over 25 years, Philippe Starck designs a new collection of accessories for Duravit.

March 2019, during the ISH Fair in Frankfort, Duravit and Philippe Starck present the new accessory line “Starck T”, which combines functional rigor with organic forms. In 1994 Philippe Starck teamed up with Duravit to present Starck 1, a milestone in the history of the bathroom. There followed a series of complete bathroom ranges and now, for the first time in 25 years, a new line of accessories.

“In a bathroom, bodies are fragile, humans are vulnerable.

We want, we need softness. We need accessories but we don’t want to be hurt by them.

The Starck T collection is inspired by our bones for an organic design. It is a vegetal language, a vegetal spirit, in natural harmony with our body and our environment.

This sophisticated mix of organic design and of the highest quality of material and fabrication gives us the guarantee of longevity and timelessness.

Because the Starck T Collection by DURAVIT is for life.”  Ph.S

The fluid transition from the round base to the geometric “T” shape is the defining design feature of the series and reminiscent of the branching shape of a tree. This design element can be found in every piece in the new range and, as such, forms a recurring, iconic signature. The finely tuned implementation across the individual accessories produces a classy, well-defined formal language that exhibits no disruptions thanks to the concealed fixing system.

From the toilet-roll holder through the towel ring to the soap dish – all 16 elements in the new series are available both in Chrome as well as Black Matt. The visual highlight of “Starck T” is the flask-like soap dispenser made from matt, hand-blown glass that is easy to refill. The high quality of the material and workmanship guarantees durability.

In harmony with all the Duravit by Starck ranges in terms of design and material, Starck T perfectly rounds off contemporary bathroom furnishings.

For more information : www.duravit.com

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