17.10.18 - News


More than 20 years ago, Starck Eyes revolutionized eyewear design, introducing the concept of bionism: “taking inspiration from the body to create technologies better suited to the human being”.

Icon of this philosophy and present on all frames, Biolink® is a patented biomechanical articulation that is inspired by the human micro-clavicle. Just like the shoulder, it shares the same 360° multidirectional freedom of movement. This unique hinge ensures maximum comfort and flexibility.

“I have always been interested in how the product directly benefits the person. Therefore I have always had an interest in eyewear, which is a necessary product.

Bionism has become vital today in order to create a natural harmony and continue the mutation of our species.

Starck Eyes is the demonstration that intelligence can be elegant, that intelligence can be sexy.” Ph.S

For more information and points of sales : http://www.luxottica.com/en

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