09.10.14 - News

Philippe Starck, speaker at the New York World Business Forum

In October, the World Business Forum, New York, is was held under the theme « Provocateurs », discussed by personalities from different backgrounds.

For 10 years, the World Business Forum has gathered personalities from about fifty countries to discuss overall thinking topics. For this year edition, Philippe Starck has considered the theme « Provocateurs » through creativity. The topic has been explored by a dozen of speakers : Ken Robinson, Rita McGrath, Peter Diamandis, Malcolm Gladwell, Kip Tindell, Linda Rottenberg, Claudio Fernandez-Araoz, Ian Bremmer, Blake Mycoskie, Linda Hill, Daniel Gilbert, Simon Sinek, Garry Kasparov et Ben Bernanke.

Philippe Starck has been invited as a provocateur but explained that « provocation is structurally useless. The ability to offer new and creative ideas is at the same time : a duty, an obligation and the only way to be part of Evolution » PhS

Learn more : http://events.wobi.com/world-business-forum-new-york-2014/

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