13.06.17 - News

Philippe Starck celebrates love at the grand opening of new S Hotel in Taiwan

June 13th - The S Hotel held its grand opening, as a new-style aesthetic edifice located on bustling Dunhua North Road. 
Inspired by love, Chairman Xiao-Fei Wang named the hotel after his wife Barbie Xu, who is known as “Big S” as a showbiz artist.
The interior design created by Philippe Starck is conceived as a bridge between tradition and modernity, and incorporates indigenous Taiwanese humanistic features.

Starck created a unique and bespoke atmosphere which welcomes the guests in a sensorial experience, full made of art, culture, and creativity.

An artistic and heart-warming environment that everyone can enjoy, and a place of elegance, poetry, and humor, to create fertile surprises and a unique hospitality experience in Taiwan.
This sensorial experience continues in Hyg restaurant, through the authentic nordic cuisine of Michelin-star chefs Nikolaj Kirk & Mikkel Maarbjerg.
With its 103 refined rooms, S Hotel aims to attract both locals and international travelers, in a space of joy, laugh, and love.
« This hotel is very timeless, based on the idea of home, for intelligent people, who want to have fantasy, poetry, and humour. That is the story of this hotel, which is unique in Taïwan, unique in Asia, unique in the world. » Ph.S.
More informations on http://www.shotel.com/ 

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