01.01.87 - Design

Pasta (Panzani)

In 1984 Philippe Starck designed a shape of pasta for pasta brand Panzani.

"OK, what can I do with pasta? Why do we love pasta? When do we love pasta? We love pasta when we are children, when we are sick, when we are old — in other words, it is a comfort food. But sometimes when you eat pasta you become fat. Perhaps what I wanted to do is to give the same pleasure, with a good mouthful of pasta, without making people fat. How I can design pasta that will be ten percent pasta and ninety percent air? If you make a tube, you have ninety percent air, but when it’s cooked, it collapses.That’s why I thought of a spring that keeps the pasta open. And because American and French people always overcook pasta, I made two wings that have a double thickness, so when you overcook it, eighty percent of the pasta is still al dente. I asked a doctor, “What is in pasta?” and he said, “It’s a perfectly well-balanced food” - “well-balanced: yin-yang! Perfect, that can be the spring!” Ph.S

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