11.12.18 - Architecture

9 Confidentiel, Paris

Nestled in the Rue du Roi de Sicile, in the heart of the 4th arrondissement of Paris, the 9 Confidential hotel is the latest Parisian address imagined by Starck.

Oscillating between neo-classicism and extreme modernity, this intimate setting is inspired by the delicate and sophisticated poetry of the 1920s. 

“The 9 Confidentiel, with its old-fashioned and sophisticated charm, conjures up a moment. A time during the interwar period, where a poetic and cultivated world sees its romanticism topple towards a menacing modernity. The last remaining elegant individuals cover up their worries with lipstick, intoxicating themselves with a fading romance.

"Le 9 Confidentiel is a little jewelry box, in which the glimmer of diamonds are the sparkles of a romantic and old-fashioned nostalgia. Le 9 Confidentiel is not a hotel, it is a daydream.” Ph.S

For more informations : www.9confidentiel.com

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