01.01.96 - Design

Organic range (OAO Organic) - Catalogue Good Goods (La Redoute)

 "Man often found himself enslaved by tools created to serve him. If some rare objects will have honesty, rigor and respect for their mission, a plethora of others will roll only for them, without humor , love or fantasy. Farewell dreams of happiness. As the age came, I told myself that I would try to correct a story of which I was certainly an accomplice.

So I tried to find, collect, correct or create when necessary, honest objects, responsible, respectful of the person. Objects not necessarily beautiful, but good objects.

These objects, I propose them today in this catalog that I would like to call catalog of "non-products for non-consumers". Conscious and suspicious non-consumers, but also open and creative; enthusiastic and finally deeply against the current, modern " Ph.S

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