15.06.22 -


“Mariya is not a sofa, it is a philosophy. The philosophy of the Elegance of the minimum, of the square root of things. 2 wooden boxes, 3 beams, 4 planks, no screws or bolts. We could have done it ourselves, except Andreu World does it better. Having less is always more, more and more.” Ph.S

Mariya is a collection of sofas designed by Philippe Starck for Andreu World.

Mariya is a sofa where the plywood board is the protagonist of an elaborate construction system inherited from the cabinetmaking tradition, drawing on systems of joints and interlocking made of wood, without a single screw, and in which its arms create a storage system that enhances its functionality.  

The entire collection has been developed based on the commitment to comply with the strictest international standards and certifications. It is a design manufactured in the circular economy so that all the materials that compose it can be easily separated: shell, foam, fabric, and wooden elements.

More details : www.andreuworld.com

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