21.04.20 - News

Lily Salad by Vincent Maillard, chef of Lily of the Valley hotel

Recreate the Lily salad at home - a fresh, colorful, tasty and seasonal salade. Composed of quinoa from the Anjou region, cooked and raw vegetables and seasoned with a lemon herb dressing. A recipe imagined by Vincent Maillard, chef of the Lily of the Valley hotel; a tribute to the region of the hotel and its high quality produce. 


Cook the quinoa in boiling water for about fifteen minutes. Then drain at cool down and set aside.
Clean, peel and cut into generous pieces half of the vegetables. Cook them in salted 
boiling water before dipping into iced water.

Place the cooked vegetables and quinoa in a bowl, season with lemon, olive oil and salt.

Pour the salad onto 4 plates.
Arrange on each plate the second half of your raw vegetables after cutting them into fine strips.

Add a generous drizzle of olive oil.


Blend the roasted almonds for 10 minutes until they become a praline. Then, still in the blender, add the basil, parsley, lemon juice, water, salt and Tabasco sauce.

Blend for a few minutes until the mixture is smooth.

Finish with a generous drizzle of olive oil while the blender is still on to obtain the consistency of a mayonnaise. 

Serve on the side with the salad. 


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