10.10.13 - News

Libraries Without Borders and Philippe Starck develop Ideas Box: multimedia libraries in kit form for refugee populations

 About 45 million children, women and men refugees around the world have no access to information, education or communication and therefore can't look to the future or make a fresh start.

That's why Philippe Starck, along with the Refugees High Authority and LWB - which promotes access to information and culture - have developed a unique concept of multimedia libraries in kit form for people in a humanitarian crisis situation. The multimedia libraries aiming both children and adults shall be available in 2014 in Burundi and Syria. Their content : a satellite internet connection, Pad computers, electronic and paper books and an itinerant cinema. Standardized, easily movable, deployable in the field, energetically self-sufficient, easy to use and solid, Ideas Box is a major innovation for access to culture and information in crisis situations.

"Above all, this project's essence is about dreaming. 
Dreams are particularly important because when you lose everything you had, when you don't have anything left, the only thing you cannot be deprived of are dreams." Ph.S

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