30.09.13 - Design

Ideas Box (Libraries without Borders)

“When one has lost everything and there is nothing else left, the only thing that cannot be taken away is the ability to dream.” Ph.S 

Since 2012, Libraries without Borders has partnered with UNHCR and creator Philippe Starck to create an innovate device that will deliver access to information for people emerging from humanitarian crises. Refugees have immediate pressing needs for food, shelter, health care and clothing. Once these priorities have been met, they need a way to forge social ties, rebuild an informed civil society, and develop resilience for the struggles ahead. Too often, the tools needed for this vital work are not available.  

Ideas Box fills this void, giving people struck by catastrophe the means to read, write, create, and communicate. By providing access to the Internet, books, educational resources, theatre, and films, the Ideas Box empowers individuals and communities to begin the difficult process of reconstruction. 

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